Horizon BCBSNJ – Is Horizon Omnia Just a Fancy Name For Obamacare Marketplace Health Insurance?

Horizon BCBSNJ – Is Horizon Omnia Just a Fancy Name For Obamacare Marketplace Health Insurance?

Horizon BCBSNJ of New Jersey provides health insurance to over 3.2 million people and is part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Early 2017, OMNIA Health plans from United Healthcare were unveiled, which are linked with hospitals that offer higher-quality care at reduced out-of-pocket costs for consumers and medical providers alike. Their launch caused considerable debate.

What is bcbs horizon omnia?

Omnia by Horizon Health Care Insurance Services provides high-end health care coverage plans to individuals who don’t qualify for Medicare or can’t obtain coverage through their employers. Horizon sells these products to over 450,000 people in Florida alone – many receiving subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

Omnia takes its name from its tiered network structure that provides customers with lower deductibles when receiving services from Tier 1 providers – an uncommon approach among health insurers, yet one which helps ensure consumers receive high quality healthcare at affordable costs.

As you might expect, tiered networks do not come without drawbacks. One major criticism is that consumers may end up paying more out-of-pocket for services they require than necessary.

There is much confusion surrounding omnia plans available, making it hard for consumers to know which plan best meets their needs. Attempts have been made by the company itself to alleviate some of this confusion via an interactive website which shows which plan best fits you.

Not to forget is it’s also essential to realize that bcbs Horizon Omnia in New Jersey isn’t the only way to cut medical expenses; other methods may exist as well, including setting up a health savings account or taking advantage of discounts available through pharmacies.

Is bcbs horizon omnia in nj just a fancy name for obamacare marketplace insurance?

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey provides a comprehensive range of health insurance plans, such as traditional HMO, PPO, EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization), Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement plans and Medicaid coverage as well as accident, coverage outside New Jersey and pet policies.

Horizon offers OMNIA plans on both the individual market through Get Covered NJ and group plans through employers. These bronze, silver and gold options are tailored to balance premium costs with out-of-pocket expenses per ACA rules.

OMNIA plans include deductibles that you are expected to meet before their insurance begins paying medical expenses on your behalf. Depending on the plan you select, some services may even be covered prior to meeting this deductible threshold.

Choose a plan with tiered networks instead, which allows you to choose a doctor or hospital that you trust while still saving money through lower monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

Tiering system has proven problematic for some hospitals. According to them, their membership of Horizon’s largest network prevents them from remaining in Horizon’s top tier.

What is bcbs horizon omnia in nj?

Horizon Omnia is the health insurance plan offered in New Jersey through the Obamacare marketplace. The company boasts a network of hospitals, physicians and ancillary providers.

Horizon reports that enrollment in OMNIA stands at more than 256,000 individuals, including more than 50 previously uninsured people who received subsidies through the Affordable Care Act.

OMNIA was designed to assist members in saving money by limiting out-of-pocket expenses when accessing Tier 1 providers, and by improving population health management.

Horizon’s OMNIA health plans provide coverage to members who purchase their coverage through either Obamacare Marketplace, employer coverage or Horizon’s own health plan for private employees and self-employed workers. Premiums for these plans tend to be lower than for traditional HMO or Advantage plans.

Horizon also provides Medicare Advantage plans as well as individual and small group products such as medical savings accounts and prescription drug plans.

UnitedHealth Group stands as its primary competitor. Although UnitedHealth Group maintains a large presence in New Jersey and operates an expansive hospital network, they have struggled to expand their share of the market; nonetheless they remain one of the nation’s premier insurers of individual and family health insurance plans.

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