Affordable Health Insurance For Small Business Owners

What kind of affordable health insurance plan is there for small business owners

Small business owners face a unique obstacle when it comes to health insurance. There are so many options available, and it can be overwhelming trying to decide which is best for your company.

Comparing plans and prices in your area is the most important step you can take. Select the option that fits within your budget while meeting all of your employee’s needs.


Aetna is one of America’s oldest and most successful insurance companies, providing health, dental, vision coverage to both individuals and employer groups alike.

Aetna offers Health Savings Account (HSA) options that let you pre-tax contribute toward your insurance deductible and other healthcare costs. Furthermore, Aetna provides wellness programs and member resources like the Attain by Aetna app.

This mobile app allows members to monitor their health in real-time with Apple Watch devices and earn rewards for reaching goals. It’s an effective way to stay motivated, stay healthy, and prevent disease.

Aetna offers an array of affordable health insurance plans tailored to small business owners’ needs. Furthermore, their plans have earned high ratings from AM Best and other financial rating bureaus.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Small business owners with fewer than 50 employees are not required to offer health insurance, but may want to do so as a way to attract and retain top talent and take advantage of tax benefits. There are several ways to find an affordable health care plan for your business.

Group health plans are one of the most cost-effective options, helping your business stay within budget while providing coverage for employees’ medical needs. Whether you purchase through the federal Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) marketplace, an insurance carrier or through HRAs, there’s sure to be a group health plan that works perfectly for your organization.

Blue Cross Blue Shield boasts a national network of providers and offers various health insurance plans for businesses and their employees. Furthermore, its Funding Advantage program helps to stabilize employee premium costs so you don’t have to worry about sudden rate hikes that could otherwise make it difficult for small businesses to afford health coverage.


Cigna offers a range of health insurance plans, from HMO and PPO options to Open Access and high-deductible health plans with HSA options.

These plans are supported by Cigna’s financial strength and award-winning customer service. Additionally, the company boasts an expansive provider network as well as free telehealth services for members.

To find the ideal plan for your business, start by determining what benefits and amount of coverage you require. Next, decide how much of the premiums you will pay out-of-pocket and what percentage will be shared by employees.

You can search for affordable small business health insurance plans through the Small Business Health Insurance Exchange (SHOP), or purchase them with assistance from a broker. SHOP was created to assist businesses with fewer than 50 employees obtain affordable group health coverage.


Humana offers a selection of plans tailored towards small business owners. Their selection includes traditional and high deductible health plans, as well as copay only options.

Humana also offers Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA), which reimburse employees tax-free for the cost of their own health coverage. HRAs are an economical solution that small businesses can utilize when providing employee coverage.

Our Medicare Advantage plan options offer routine dental and vision coverage not included in Original Medicare, as well as prescription drug benefits. Plus, our plans come with an allowance you can use to purchase eligible groceries, over-the-counter items, utilities, rent or pet care items.

Humana also participates in the Part D Senior Savings Model, which allows eligible members to pay stable $35 or less Select Insulin* copays per 30-day supply through the coverage gap+. This helps lower monthly premiums for seniors enrolled in our Medicare Advantage plans.

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